Have Any Questions?


Here are answers to some of our frequently asked questions:

Online Courses are open to all persons willing to exercise their power of choice to study and learn at their own pace wherever they may be globally.

With the present new world climate it is only wise for all to embrace this new world order and try to make and get the best from it – be it studying, working or pursuing life pleasures.

Online learning promotes learning for all and bridges barriers in types and level of courses; it is free, cost effective and available.

Once fully registered for a course, all learners for Online learning via forum sessions will be provided with all access passwords to protected study materials as well as have invitation links to join all online forum sessions for designated dates/times. 

Online Learning via Self-paced mode of study will be provided all access passwords to protected study materials as well as attend webinars once every 2 weeks throughout the duration of their course.

Learners on Distance learning mode of study will also be provided with all access passwords to protected study materials as well as attend webinar once every 2 weeks throughout the duration of their course.

Yes and no. Whilst most courses do not have prerequisite requirements, there are a few others that do – mainly for the benefit of the learner.

The language of instruction is English, so all learners are expected to be able to read, write and speak English sufficiently well.

Learners can take more than one course at a time so long as there are no clashes and they are comfortable and are able to cope sufficiently well.

Once registered as a member for an online learning course, you will be provided with the course details and agree dates/times for attending the online course. It is important that these dates/times are adhered to. Lateness is discouraged. Because all online short courses are FREE, missed lessons without prior notice may not be rescheduled.

Attendance online is by online forum (zoom sessions) or via online self-paced. Some learners may prefer to study via distance learning by having access to their respective learning materials 24-7-365, and attend webinar sessions which are usually fortnightly.

Contact with me for any other reasons/queries or for additional support is best by email.

All online short courses are FREE to attend subject to availability and membership spaces being available.

However, Distance Learning courses are chargeable as advertised and Yes, may be paid in instalments by mutual agreement.  As the mode of delivery are different for all course types, we suggest you contact us to find out more.

I welcome all ages above 16 years; there is no limit on the upper age. Please be aware due to the nature of some of the courses, specific minimum age is required, please contact me for more information about specific courses (and other requirements) you might be interested in.

Each course is different; please see the course details page. The courses are mainly part time online provisions via online forum sessions, online self-paced and/or via distance learning. We have a range of courses that we can tailor to your needs.

  • At weekends: Our morning class times are strictly from 10:00am to 12:30pm and our afternoon class times are from 1:30pm to 4:00pm.
  • All evening class times are 5.30pm to 8.00pm.

A straight answer is yes and no. All of the courses are highly popular and are almost always oversubscribed. On some courses we will consider applications based on the individual’s ability and suitability for the course as well as the time they made their application.

Sometimes people do not get directly onto the course they applied for mostly when a class is full. We have very small class size, thus learners are placed on waiting list and may join in at another time.

Guidance and counselling will be provided where a learner is unsure of what they intend to study- this way I help channel a pathway to your intended career aspiration.

Some applicants will be placed on a waiting list in the case of other applicants who do not attend the course or decide not to start the course. However, I do encourage re-application at a later date as well as recommending initial short courses if that will assist a candidate in any way.

“I am Thanya, an engineering student at University of Greenwich,  I had the chance to meet and work with Patrick Justus since November thanks to the SPARK mentoring scheme. He has been a great mentor in this period and helped me with my career development and life skills development…”

Thanya K. Don

“..I owe it to Patrick to set me on a career path and get me where I am today. Without Patrick’s influence, who knows where I might have been today…”

Zahid Islam